Adult Packages

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Adult Packages

Wondering if you really need help with sleep?
Let’s take a second to think about this…

Are you exhausted? 
So tired that you dread your day before even getting out of bed in the morning?
Can’t imagine a day without your daily dose of caffeine?
How about work? Are you having trouble focusing?
Irritable with your co-workers…or worse, your family?

You are likely one of MILLIONS upon millions of people across the globe who struggles with sleep.

But guess what?

A better sleep can help!

Sleep is critical – we need it to survive, and to function properly in our day-to-day lives. Sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise in your overall health and wellness (some even argue that sleep is more important!) We simply don’t take good care of ourselves when we are fatigued or lacking the energy and motivation to make good choices.

Maybe you have been doing some Googling about sleep…. or maybe your family doctor has prescribed some medication?

If you keep hoping for that “quick fix” you are likely to be disappointed. For some, sleep problems are a short-term problem needing a simple fix. But for most, the reason stems deeper than you might think.

I will help you to get to the root of your sleep problem(s) so you can rest easy and live better!

Sleep Problems?

Let me help you!

★ Insomnia
★ Fragmented sleep (Hard to stay asleep)
★ Early morning wakening
★ Difficulty falling asleep, or back to sleep
★ Waking up to go pee
★ Seasonal sleep changes

★ Shift work
★ Jet lag
★ Too much sleep
★ Pregnancy
★ Over stimulation
★ Difficulty relaxing

★ Racing thoughts (can’t shut the mind off)
★ Nightmares
★ Enuresis (bedwetting)
★ Poor quality sleep (waking feeling unrested)
★ Frequent (perhaps unintentional) napping
★ Can’t get out of bed in the morning

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Take a moment to imagine waking up after a full night of sleep! A wonderfully delightful 8 hours of sleep.

Now…Are you ready to put your own health first?

Its time to start living your life

Its time to Sleep Smarter!

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Why Can’t I Sleep?

Every person’s sleep story is unique.
But there are some common themes when it comes to adults (and babies and kids too!).

These are just some of the things The Sleep Nurse can help with..
★Parenting and caregiver responsibilities
★Environmental barriers (fell asleep on the couch again?)
★Blue light exposure (TV in bed anyone?)
★Circadian Rhythm disorders
★Lack of movement
★Diet, nutritional issues and vitamin deficiencies
★Over stimulation (taking on too much)
★Stress and mental health issues (can’t turn your mind off?)
★Physical health problems (like pain, chronic fatigue, breathing disorders or restless leg syndrome)
★Hormonal imbalances (i.e. Thyroid disorders)

*It is important to note, that many sleep problems are part of a greater medical issue, and require examination from your family doctor. I am happy to collaborate with your health care team!


Want to Know More!?

Want to know how to Sleep Smarter? The Sleep Nurse has got you covered..

Common Sleep Education Topics: 
★The Art and Science of Sleep
★Sleep Hygiene
★Sleep Myths
★Relaxation & breathing techniques
★Strategies to fall asleep (or back to sleep) faster
★How to stop waking up to go pee